Lost in translation

Do you ever get that feeling in life that a moment has passed

That an opportunity is no longer an option

What was once a silent dream is now just a regret

We have a lot of these moments on this journey

Where timelines we’ve made up in our mind have been rendered

That you should have conquered while you were young

Why do we put these limitations on ourselves

No point in life where you are too old to do something too old to accomplish a dream too old to solidify your goals

We as individuals create these deadlines as a homework assignment that is due on Monday

We are all at some stage in our lives varying from each other

In all directions and different paths but were not dead…I mean were all dying since the day were born that of a life span.

Thoughts and ideas should never have an expiration date

Dreams should always be able to be dreamt

Goals should always be able to be met

Never stop trying to conquer the world for that is what being human is about

Tragically beautiful

Winning and losing

But to be stagnate is not life

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